Gender-based Violence Stops Here

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We uphold, support and empower national humanitarian organizations through funding of program(s) development, supervision, training, evaluation, monitoring and funding to ensure successful implementation.

Through our partners, We recently conducted a survey of community leaders and health providers in South Sudan. We asked them about their knowledge and attitudes around sexual, reproductive, health, rights and violence against women. Here are some results we thought would be of interest to you:

1 in 5 community leaders believe rape can be forgiven if the perpetrator marries the victim.

3 out of 4 health providers and community leaders agree that a man can’t be held responsible for controlling his sexual behaviors.

9 out of 10 community leaders believe a woman must have sexual intercourse whenever the husband wants.

We know that gender-based violence threatens a woman’s health—and her freedom. And you know it too. We recently asked our supporters which areas of our work they care about most. Many of you told us you are passionate about stopping violence against women.

We hear you.

Like you, we want to see a world where women and girls are safe and their sexual and reproductive rights are respected. Where community leaders and providers are leading the call to end gender-based violence.

Here are five ways we’re making this happen:

  1. Our response is community-driven.
  2. It’s about more than just health.
  3. We’ve adapted from decades of experience.
  4. It’s focused on youth.
  5. You make this possible.

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CEN Admin

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