Kondial FM in Bentiu

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Kondial FM 97.2 is in the Bentiu Protection of Civilians (PoC) site in the
Northern Liech State. Kondial FM broadcasts 12 hours daily in Nuer and Arabic,
ensuring that the local population both inside and outside the PoC receive the
right information to make informed decisions. The humanitarian radio station
aims to produce specific programs that address peace, reintegration and
protection issues. The radio also strives to have a beneficial impact on the
life of vulnerable populations both inside and outside the PoC by broadcasting
to a 25km radius. Kondial, which means togetherness in Nuer, is a crucial
information source for IDPs and the host community in Bentiu.

Contact Info

Name: Panyuan Tuor Puot

Title:   Team Leader

Email:  panyuan.puot@cen-ss.org

Tel:     211 915 544 177


CEN Admin

CEN Admin

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