Dr. Emmanuel Timothy THWOL

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Dr. Emmanuel is a PhD holder in Public Health, MPH,MSc and BMScS.A proactive, result oriented and committed  Associate  Professor of Community  and Public Health, a Public Health Specialist and an Epidemiologist , resourceful and knowledgeable public health practice, Emergency Preparedness and Response , health promotion, service delivery and Health System development with cumulative over 15 years’ work experience in different capacities most notably as head of office for Darfur, Nuba Mountains /Kauda ,Kadugli Abyei, Blue Nile ,Yambio, and Malakal with demonstrated technical competency and professionalism in Humanitarian responses  and program management, maternal and child health, nutrition and immunization services, reproductive health, Outbreaks response, community development, community change in public health. Experienced in working with the government entities and non-governmental organizations. Contemporary knowledge of humanitarian principles and values, humanitarian action and Sphere Handbook in Action. Dr. THWOl is a CEN board member; We need to build a strategic road map on what we’re going to do, what impact we can have on the community and what difference do we bring to the NNGO scene, How to use this opportunity to shift the communities of South Sudan from emergency to resilience to development. We need to incorporate this in a strategic way and build the best way we can do it.

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CEN Admin

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The Community Engagement Network (CEN) is a participatory South Sudanese initiative that promotes social cohesion and transformation in diverse communities through locally driven innovative multimedia programs. CEN is a network of media organizations,
arts and cultural groups, organizations and associations that operate within the different states of South Sudan.

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