Nemaya Manasseh

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Nimaya is a media professional with extensive experience in print and broadcast media as well as professional translation. In his earlier career years, Nimaya worked in Arusha, Tanzania at a recording studio for content on Health, WASH, and education that targeted South Sudanese living in refugee camps in Northern Uganda. He has also worked in a number of organizations in different capacities including Sudan Mirror Newspaper in Nairobi, Kenya, Sudan Literature Center, a printing press in Nairobi,and Sudan Radio Service in Nairobi which was later renamed Eye Radio in Juba. While working at Sudan Radio Service, Nimaya was instrumental in contributing to the South Sudan peace process through radio programming, a process which later resulted into the signing of the CPA in 2005. He has been a trainer and mentor for Sudanese and South Sudanese journalists at SudMedia International in Khartoum, UN radio miraya, and JICA.   He has held numerous positions at Internews Network, training and coaching journalist in Abyei Information & Radio Service, Mayardit FM and Nhamlau FM. He is currently the humanitarian project manager & trainer at Nile and Kondial FMs. Nimaya holds Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya, and a Master of Arts in general translation from Juba University in South Sudan. He has attended several trainings oversees in diverse areas of media, including at FEBA radio in Worthing, Sussex in the UK, IBRA radio in Stockholm Sweden, and at RNTC, Hilversum in the Netherlands. He is a member at CEN board.

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