Chara Nyaura Bol

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Chara Nyaura Bol is the CEN Board Treasurer. She is currently the Human Resources, Administration and Payroll coordinator at CTSAMVM (Ceasefire & Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring & Verification Mechanism) the multinational body that monitors compliance with the South Sudan peace agreement. She is the former Secretary General for the Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS) seeking to unite South Sudanese Diaspora for a peaceful South Sudan. She was formerly a Special Representative for the youth and disabled in the Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation (CNHPR). She has worked with the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation and the Commission for National Peace and reconciliation in South Sudan. During the outbreak of Covid-19 she supported the increase of public awareness on COVID-19 and the Impact on South Sudanese Women at the Conducive Space for Peace ( She is invitingly calm, attentive, factual and a poet at a free time.

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The Community Engagement Network (CEN) is a participatory South Sudanese initiative that promotes social cohesion and transformation in diverse communities through locally driven innovative multimedia programs. CEN is a network of media organizations,
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