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With sub-grant from Internews and grants from UNFAO, Transform Media UK, CEN is implementing humanitarian information services, Covid-19 response, down scaling climate information, and South Sudan intangible heritage project targeting both conflict conflicted and host communities in Upper Nile and Unity state. Currently CEN is managing and supporting the operations of community radio stations namely JamJang FM in Ajuong Thok, Salam FM in Maban, Nile FM in Malakal and Kondial FM, Bentiu. Additionally, CEN’s cultural partners include the Masrah Ta Bukra Theatre Initiative (MATATI) and Ana Tabaan, SGBV, WASH, Education, Health, Peace, security and stability, Business/economy, Governance, Humanitarian relief and aid, Child protection

CEN collaborates with both humanitarian and development agencies implementing programs in the following sectors.

  1. Covid-19 response project implemented with support from Internews South Sudan program

As part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Sudan, Internews implements a health communication- COVID-19 project to ensure the reach of public health messaging efforts around the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as widespread dissemination of accurate, timely, actionable COVID-related information to the population in South Sudan.

The project will facilitate a two-way communication with the affected population, in understanding and addressing hyper-local information needs that are not solely concerned with health behaviors, and can identify, discuss, analyze, debunk, and mitigate rumors and misinformation related to COVID arising at local levels.

Community Engagement network produces and broadcast radio programs in support of the COVID-19 response in South Sudan. The produces radio programs are in different language and broadcasted to the audience in the 3 CEN managed radio stations catchment areas in Jam Jang, Malakal and Bentiu. Besides, the project produces narrowcasting services and rumor tracking activities targeting people who have been affected …Read More!

About Us

The Community Engagement Network (CEN) is a participatory South Sudanese initiative that promotes social cohesion and transformation in diverse communities through locally driven innovative multimedia programs. CEN is a network of media organizations,
arts and cultural groups, organizations and associations that operate within the different states of South Sudan.

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